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2003-09-09 - 7:38 p.m.


side 1 -

no deal - townes van zandt

shoot the president - big stick

out of my mind - new bomb turks

if you can spare the time (i won't miss the money) - lefty frizzell

gonorrhea - gibson bros/workdogs

homo-sexual - angry samoans

sissy jerk - supercharger

graveyard - dead moon

a dark corner - the chesterfield kings

cream puff war - wonderama

out of this world - detroit cobras

rock on - david essex

rust in my car - citizen band

my way of giving - rod stewart

down in the boondocks - billy joe royal

spanish house - felt

airplane - the beach boys

little girl lies - blondie

fiendish shrieks - bbc radiophonic workshop

side 2 -

insect collector - 3 o'clock

bloodhound - the cryin' out louds

the rub - '68 comeback

hang fire - the rolling stones

well worth talking about - the drags

gone & left me - mike's messengers

problem child - ac/dc

i want to hold your hand - the moving sidewalks

your spaceman - helios creed

death & destruction - new riders of the purple sage

daily nightly - the monkees

night of the hunter - kim fowley

flying - the beatles

beautiful - walters dream

taped for rich 8th & 9th sept '03

dedicated to warren zevon, he isn't on it but i heard he died just as i finished it



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